Дорогие ребята! Ваш Хостел просто Супер! Молодцы! Спасибо Виталию за приветливость и доброжелательность. Все сделано настолько со вкусом и с Любовью. Дай Вам Бог процветания и расширения. Побольше...
Уважаемые ребята! Спасибо за теплый прием, за прекрасное позитивное настроение,за те незабываемые дни!!!Желаю огромных успехов в развитии хостела, а так же мирных и доброжелательных посетителей!!!!...
Привет! Случайно открыли с подругой это место и, знаете, отлично! Администраторы вежливы и очень корректны, правила приемлемы и, знаете, даже юмористичны (над инструкцией в туалете хохотала так, что...


1. Hostel rules are obligatory for all residents at the hostel. Customer agrees to perform all the hostel rules when completing guest cards.

2. Reservation of stay at the hostel is made when you pay for the first night of stay (for groups of more than 5 people 50% of the price).

3. Cancellation Policy:

Refund 90% of the reservation if cancellation is made more than 10 days prior to arrival;

Refund 50% of the reservation if cancellation is made between 10 and 3 days before the expected date of arrival;

Prepayment is not refundable if the booking is canceled less than 3 days.

4. Check-in time is at 1 pm. Check-out time is at 12pm.

5. All the guests of Rainbow Hostel must be registered in St. Petersburg. The hostel provides a service for the preparation of documents for registration. Cost of service is:

for foreigners 200 rubles.

6. Filling the guest registration card the customer agrees to the processing and storage of personal data.

7. On arrival the customer pays the full cost of accommodation in the hostel (daily or monthly) on the rates at that time. The amount paid is not refundable.

8. On arrival the customer is charged a deposit of 200 rubles for a personal locker key. If you lose the key or break the hostel rules the deposit is not returned.

9. When staying the guest is entitled to receive services including:


Use of kitchen equipment and utensil;

Use a shower and a toilet;

Bed linen, 2 terry towels;

Use of computers in the business area, wi-fi Internet access;

Rainbow hostel yard parking;

Use of lockers in the rooms and the luggage compartment at the front desk.

10. Do not bother the guests, staying in the hostel, keep the peace and order. Breach of silence at the hostel from 11pm to 7 am is an administrative offense. Fine 500 rubles.

11. Obey the rules of fire safety.

12. Do not store flammable materials, weapons, chemicals and radioactive materials in the room.

13. Do not use electric heaters in the room.

14. Smoking and drinking alcohol is not permitted at the hostel. Fine 800 rubles.

15. Leaving the room, close the windows, turn off lights and appliances.

16. After using utensils in the kitchen area the guest must wash them and clean the place of food preparation. If the guest leaves the dirty utensils and tables, he will be fined of 200 rubles.

17. The cleaning in Rainbow Hostel is once per day. At other times every guest must keep clean up his place in the room and when he uses the public areas: toilet, shower and kitchen.

18. Never invite strangers to the Hostel or give them keys. Do not leave the room door open.

19. Visitors of the clients can only be in the public areas of the hostel: a kitchen-dining room and a computer area from 11 am to 10 pm.

20. In case of loss or any damage to property of the Hostel the guest must compensate the complete cost of the damage.

21. The guests are not allowed to keep animals, birds, reptiles, etc in the hostel.

22. It is necessary to keep a close watch of personal belongings and valuables:

personal items stored in lockers;

most valuable items must be kept in the safe at the front desk;

do not leave personal belongings in public areas of the hostel.

23. Hostel is not responsible for the loss of money, credit cards or jewelry not deposited at the front desk.

24. In case of loss of personal belongings at the hostel immediately inform the receptionists for necessary actions.

25. There is a video control system in the Hostel. Please take note of the camcorders use (except showers / toilets).

26. In order to ensure the safety of residents and policing the hostel, on your arrival you may be asked about the purpose of visiting the hostel. While staying you may be asked to show the guest registration card to confirm the fact of staying.

27. When leaving guest must give away the bedding receptionists.

28. If the client does not vacate the place after 1 pm, the hourly system of payment is applied (50 per hour).

29. Hostel provides additional services, including rent a washing machine with a powder - 50 rubles, rent an iron and ironing board - 50 rubles, etc. A complete list of additional services can be found on the site www.rainbowhostel.com in "services of Rainbow Hostel».

30. The client can be evicted from the hostel with no refund for the paid services for the systematic breaking of the hostel rules.

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